A Drugged Up Transgender Woman Cuts A Man’s Head In Half With A Battle Axe at 7-Eleven


Ben Rimmer, a 32 year old father who’s head was cut in half in an axe attack by a drugged up transgender woman has been released from the hospital.


Terrifying CCTV footage shows how the transgender woman was stalking around the 7-Eleven with a long-handle 4lb Axe.


Ben Rimmer:
“She went there to kill. It’s only pure luck that I’m alive. I remember being struck. But I turned at the last minute, otherwise she would have chopped through my head straight through the front of my face.”


Ben Rimmer:
“I think I must have seen it coming. It didn’t register straight away, it took about 30 seconds. I fell to the ground. I was prone, bleeding profusely.”


Plastic surgeons rebuilt his face with four titanium plates. He can feel the one round his eye moving under his skin when he touches it. Check it out:

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